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CenterShot on a Mathews SQ2

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Anyone know where I can find this?
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Why not just find "your" center shot yourself? Here's the method that was shared with me and has proven to work.

Visually line up your rest via some reference on the arrow shelf.

Set you sight pin(s) where it is directly in line with the string and arrow.

Place a large white piece of paper on your target. Using a level or plumb bob, make a perfect vertical line. I use a red marker and make the line about 1/2 wide - I need it that wide to see it at the longer distance.

Stand "very" close to your target - 6 to 8 feet and shoot at the vertical line. Don't concern yourself with the height of the arrow as long as it's staying on the paper. Adjust your SIGHT as necessary so that you are drilling arrows in the vertical line. If your arrows are going left - move the sight to the left - follow the arrow.

Now move out to 50-60 yards and do the same thing. If you need to adjust, and you probably will, move the REST - not the sight. But when you move the rest do it opposite of where your arrows are hitting. If your arrows are hitting left, move the REST to the right.

Rinse & repeat until you find the "sweet spot" - usually won't take more than a couple of cycles.

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