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Changing a Martin Moab draw Length???

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I am going to be purchasing my first bow, a new Martin MOAB!!!

I am ordering it from a bow store in Idaho and I am in Wisconsin. If it comes in and I need to change the draw length is it something I can do myself or do I need to take it to a bow store.

Also I am a newbie to bow hunting and this is my first bow. Reading some of the forums I am not sure what the differnent mods mean when changing draw length. Can someone explain. Thanks for all you help and advice to this newbie.

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you can do it yourself w/o a problem. Back out the limb bolts to relax the string, take out the mod and replace w/ a diff. size. I'm assuming that it will come with a 28.5" mod installed. It is outlined in the manual how to do this.
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