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So since I cant seem to sell my Marquis to buy the wife new tires, I decided to play around today. I have always shot Bowtechs at 29", Elites at 29" but I got an E500 at 29.5" and it felt good a while back. So I made the treck today down to the closest dealer to swap some mods, they didnt have 29.5" but they had 30" #1 mods. So I slapped it on, adjusted the stop and it felt good. I was expecting the POI to be a lil higher since I should have gained speed, I didnt change my release or anchor point at all, but my arrows were hitting 3" lower? I dont understand that but must be something I am doing. It does feel better now, who knew :embara:

So I am gonna go shoot through a chrono tomorrow,
before 29"/67lb/364gr = 294
now 30"/70+/- lb/364gr = ? Any guesses?
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