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Changing night critters to day critters?

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Here is a pic of a hog I have been seeing on my camera for 3 years now. This is the 1st time I have seen him in the daylight. I changed my feeder settings to where it throws corn every 1.5 hr for just a second or two during daylight hours to see if I could coax this guy out during daylight. Since trying this I get most of my hog pics during daylight where they used to come out only at night. Any of you guys tried this and what were the results?


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Here are a couple more pics of this hog. Iam going to try my best to harverst this guy this year.. Lots of pan sausage for sure. I have been feeding him long enough. I was running my feeder to throw corn at daylight and dusk. Since changing the settings to throw out just a little every 1-1/2 hrs. during daylight hours only most of my pics are during day light as they were all at night before. I beleive the hogs have learned that the feeder motor sound is their dinner bell and those who wait until dark won't have anything else left to eat.


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