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Changing the cord on a Ripcord

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Hi - I've got a Ripcord on my 06 Bowtech Old Glory. I've owned it since May this year and have shot probably just under 1,000 arrows through it. The string on the Ripcord is frayed to the point that it looks like it is about to snap. The fraying is right where the cord enters the housing.

2 quesitons - 1) Is this normal? I was hoping to get more shots out of it before I needed to worry about the string. 2) Does anyone know how to change the string, and if it is even possible to do without sending it back to the manufacturer?

OK - I think that was three questions, but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mark
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I have the Ripcord on my Trinute and I too attached it to the cable slide and it works great. No sign of wear yet. Im glad to hear about how may shots people have shot the Ripcord without any problems. I dont consider the rope wearing out a problem. A problem is when the rest wont lock in the up position or wont drop. I love this rest so far but I am concerned that it will fail at the worst moment. But I guess that can happen to anything.
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