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cheap outdoor arrows for a recreational orangutang

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Been off the board for a while due to my regular Job and refereeing hockey games... A couple of you fellow sasquatch armed archers might remember me... and I've even considered contacting you all to see if you might want to sell off some useable practice arrows 'cuz the classifieds rarely have high spine full length shafts for sale.

Any hooo..

Measured draw weight - 46# (Hoyt GM with Everest pro limbs, d97 string from Lancaster and tied on nock)
Minimum shaft length needed >32" (measured 32" from nock groove to centerline of button) I am not currently using a clicker, and presently have no plans to get one.

Have been using ALuminum for the past two years or so (thanks to Viper's suggestion on the shaft size) out to 30 yds and have a robinhood and a bunch of busted nocks to my credit. I have the room to set up a private 70 yard range and want to stretch my fun.... Yes I know I can shoot the AL out to 70 - or even 90, but the lure of carbon soda straws is great. I am not currently competing, I am doing this because I love to watch the arrow fly and my daughters have showed interest in my archery stuff. They come out and shoot with me on a seperate bale from about 15 yards. Not ruling out competition in the future... sorta depends on time, money, and the odd wild hair...

I'm looking for an entry level shaft that can spine out for me and hold up for my use.... if one exists. Consigeting the GT Entrada, or maybe trying one of the low end CX shafts. To be straight up, given my current job\family\financial\recreational status I consider shafts that are >$100\dz too expensive and >$150\dz rediculous and made of unobtanium. I have several high dollar shooting sports past times that have been cut way back due to rising costs. the benefit of archery for me is that all I need is good weather, a bow and some arrows. If the reality of the market is that the carbon shafts are out of my price range then so be it... I just have to find out.
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