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We finally got our Christmas tournament finished. As I posted earlier it was originally scheduled for Christmas day, but it had to be pushed back to the 27th. Unfortunatley we were running a normal patrol schedule that day so many of the shooters in the compound class couldn't make it. In order to give the guys a chance to participate I did a make up shoot last night for the compound guys and still only a few guys could make it. The dang war keeps getting in the way.

Here's the scores:


SGT Frazier (Panzer) 293 x27
SSG Jensen (UP'er) 292 x31
SPC Reipen 275 x13
SGT Whittington 259 x9
SGT Steel 253 x5
SSG(P) Keys 196 x1


SSG Alejandro 212 x4
SGT Zahnley 142 x1
SSG Burch 137 x1
1LT Inman 134 x2
SPC Wheelbarger 104 x0
SPC Lockaby 67 x1

SGT Whittington was the winner of our Thanksgiving shoot. We all expected him to take first or second place but he was having a really bad day.

Clayking has donated gift certificates to Lancaster for the top 5 Compound shooters and the top 3 traditional shooters. Also the overall top shooter won a new bow, which hasn't arrived yet and is somewhere in the mail. Since I won, and I already have a couple of bows I offered it to the second place winner, but he said that since I won it I should keep it. I'm thinking of leaving the new bow here and taking the one I'm shooting now instead. How many other guys can go to the range and show off the bow they shot in Iraq?

Someone on a traditiona board the SSG Alajendro frequents donated a couple of small 3d targets and they arrived the day before the shoot. After the 300 rounds were complete we hand a mini 3-d shoot. Since we were could only shoot 20 yards we shot 1 arrow at each target from 5 postions including standing in the bleachers on the left and right side of the range, standing on the floor, kneeling, and sitting in a chair. It was interesting to shoot at something besides paper, and some of these guys found that I wasn't lying when I told them they needed to practice shooting from odd positions if they planned on hunting. Unfortunately I don't have the scores for the 3d shoot since it was pretty informal but I rmember that I won and SSG Jenson took second again. The traditional guys did pretty well on these too, especially from the odd positions.

I aready posted the pics on another site and I'm limited on time right now so I'll just give you a link.

I'll post more when I get them for the other guys who had cameras.
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