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Classifieds Scams

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We have had a rash of scams in the classifieds of late and we are making additional changes on our end to help, but we also need your help as members dealing in the classifieds. DO NOT deal with anyone that refers you to another via email etc... it is prohibited and for a good reason, classic scammer MO and we do not allow anyone to sell an item that is not in their possession.

DO NOT use a form of payment that does not give you protection as a buyer. I HIGHLY recommend that you actually get a phone number and have a physical phone conversation with a seller before sending them money. We DO NOT permit friends and family payments via paypal, as you have NO buyer protection. You just sent them free money, no questions asked.. Same for Venmo, etc... Old school USPS money orders give you the most protection, though you have to actually wait for the mailman.

Communication... scammers tend to not use the AT conversation feature to communicate, as we restrict that. They will find another way to communicate with you.. BEWARE of this!!

Do your homework. Make sure the member in question has a history here that you can search and research. RUN, DON'T WALK if they do not, they are very likely a scammer based on that alone and dealing in classifieds. We require a post history to participate in the classifieds so as to establish some of this needed history that members can search out. They may send you a pic of the item you are looking for (another classic scam, sell an needed item), do a google image search to see if it's just a pic from the internet of things, it often is. Make them send another pic with the item and a piece of paper with today's date scribbled on it.. (call them out). It is somewhat common sense, but just be aware that many of those that are contacting you in regards to something in the classifieds are just plain scammers, don't have good english many times and won't do anything you ask them to prove their worth.

We will continue to make it harder, but they will continue to try and rip you off. Please be diligent!!

Thanks from all of the staff!!