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I shoot either the Cavalier extended clicker or the clickity click depending on my set up and which way the wind is blowing. A clicker is the way I control my target panic. It doesn't solve it, just controls it and has for just over thirty years...... I do know a couple of guys who shoot cams and clickers, but these guys are really strong which I'm not, and they use a fairly soft after market cam. I don't shoot the Barnsdale against the stops. Just off of them so I don't pull against the stops. That's where valley come sin to play. When I used to shoot the Provantages, I shot just in front of the center of the valley. Definitely shot better that way. I've shot the Barnsdale in front of the center of the valley, and it shot well, but being old and decrepit, I need all the break over I can get......
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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