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Hey all,

New to archery, new to the forum, clueless overall. Happy for any direction
or help.

I have always thought compound bows were pretty cool, but never had
tried one. Had shot a few of the cheapie "longbows" when taking the
kids to dad/son camp, and thought it was fun. Even hit the target!


I hit a garage sale and walked off with a left-hand Oneida Strike Eagle
in nice shape. Got a few aluminum Eastons as well. Whole thing cost me
$50 with a big. So why not give it a try!

Since then I have picked up a release, and I just rec'd a Whisker Biscuit.
I hope to mount it soon depending on what someone here tells me.

The WB is labelled as RH, but I understand they work for RH or LH. Is
this correct, or do I need a specific LH one?

For those wondering if a LH bow is good for me, especially a Strike Eagle,
I am 6'3" and left eye dominant. So even though I am right handed, I
figure this will work best with my left eye. Drawing with either arm is
the same for me.

Anyway, that's my story, I am sticking with it! help is appreciated.


PS. Also, any suggest 'first book' on archery?

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:welcome: 2 ArcheryTalk

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Welcome to AT! As far a a book to read on archery...I have no suggestion other than if you have questions use the search option and look topics on here. There's a wealth of knowlegde on this site.

Again, Welcome! :archer:
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