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Colyak Broadhead shoot

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We're putting on a broadhead shoot this Saturday the 5th at the Richland WA range. 20 3-D targets on 10 lanes. Just for fun and practice, no trophy's and nothing riding on it. Free to paid up Colyak members and $10 to non members. 6 to 10 AM. I might just put up a money dot too if there is the interest. Any more info, you can call me. 509-547-2464. A couple of us plan on camping there Friday evening. Mainly just to have some beers and Pizza and so we don't have to get up so early in the morn. See ya there. JW:darkbeer:
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Disappointed at the turnout. Posted stacks of flyers at Sportsmans Warehouse and Ranch and Home. Email sent to over 200 persons on Colyak email list. Flyer put up at Hermiston club and archery shop there. Posted here on the web. Free to Colyak club members and only $10 to others. Total turnout of 17 persons. This may have been the last broadhead shoot that will be put on. I had a great time and so did the few others that took this great opportunity to see where their hunting setups really shoot. I even had the money dot up. No one hit it. Once it was over, I got it on about the 12th shot(with a broadhead). Whats a couple of club members(two of us that set it up) got to do to get some membership and public participation? Pay them to show up. I've set up several shoots now and always thank those in charge at other clubs for giving me the opportunity to shoot at their range and targets. To those who don't help, you have no idea of the work involved and will miss it dearly when there is no one else to do it. Rant over. JW
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