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Anyone shooting BT Commander off fingers. I have been using a release aid with mine for the past 6 months and am looking to go back to finger release for target.
How suitable is it for finger shooting re finger pinch. I'm 29 inch draw length.
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I've been shooting my 07 commander 60# with fingers for around 3- 4 months, have the same DL as you.
I use a cavalier smart tab with cordovan, draw split fingers and drop the bottom finger, with the top finger just touching the string with a little pressure. Works well and I get good consistent clean releases.
No finger pinch.

But you will need to drop the let off to 65%. I never could get good consistency with 80%.

In the beginning I messed around with building a new one piece grip ,shot it ok for a while then started getting the odd LR misses. Tried a Jager grip, started out well and then had the same issues.
Now I'm back using the original side plates, I can feel my life line on my bow hand a lot better now with it (couldn't seem to find the spot before)
I had to try new grips to realize the original side plates are the best.

Don't ask me why I experimented, perhaps it was to see if a medium or high grip would work better..... nah, for me low grip works the best.
but at least now I know, when things aren't going well with accuracy, it's me and not anything else.

You'll have a lot of fun shooting this bow with fingers, and probably find you'll shoot it very accurately providing you can get a good clean release and everything is timed and tuned well.

Let us know how you get on.
But I'm sure you have good fun.:darkbeer:

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It depends if you have the 07 commander or the 08.

The 07 you'll need to get the two plastic caps that just screw in to the existing cams. This stops it rolling right over into the end of the cam tracks.
I think you'll loose about 1/8th of an inch with your DL.
These you can get from a BT distributor. But I believe they are hard to get.

With the 08, 65% let off can be obtained by adjusting the cam. It has marks on the cams. But as I have the 07, I can't elaborate further on this.

I don't use a peep site, just go to my anchor point. Here I have three references that let me know I'm good to go.

hope this helps
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