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Hi, I was curious about the Tenpoint Titan Extreme.
I have not shot or handled the Titan.
I have shot the Kodabow and I like it very much.
In the" best crossbow for the money", thread, people had mentioned the Tenpoint Titan Extreme as one of the best crossbows for the money.
One is a recurve style crossbow and the other is a compound style crossbow.
Please not looking to bash, or put down any crossbow.
Just want to know what the differences are and ones take on these 2 crossbows.
Especially from those who have shot,owned or used them both.
How is the build quality, ease of use, trigger, shootability etc.
GhostGoblin 22, seems you may have experience with both these crossbows.Would appreciate your take on them.Maybe a comparison picture of these two crossbows if possible.Thank you.
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