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Complete Bow Tune From a New Shop $25.00 in Boise Idaho

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With Managing the Archery department for Sportsmans in Arizona and Cabela's I have decided to open my own shop and I'm doing a complete bow tune for $25.00. I will tear down your bow, clean it, and tune it with laser and paper. I am at the point now where I can open up a little tuning center out of my home. I will be doing a full bow tune, and fletching arrows and other small jobs for now. I will guarantee my work 100%. The turn around time will be very minimal. A day or two at the most. Don’t wait till it is too late to get your bow tuned call T.J. at 208-871-4069. Thanks and I look forward to helping you with your hunting/shooting needs.

Full bow tune is $25.00 paper/or laser I do both
Arrow fletching is:
$2.00 an arrow if you provide the fletchings
$2.50 if I provide the fletchings

Feel free to call if you have more questions.
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But the shipping will kill me! :jksign: Great price wish I was closer. Good luck with your new venture. Reasonable prices and quality work I'm sure word will get around.
It already has stared to pay off. Let your friends know. I do have a system if you get 4 or your friends to send me thier bows I will pay for your shipping and not charge you for your tune either.
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