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Complete Olympic style set-up

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I am getting rid of my complete Olympic recurve equipment.
I would like to sell it as a complete set-up.. everything is there to get you started or progress you to the next level in Olympic recurve archery.

1-2006 Win&Win Expert riser in black and silver with red flames,, with international limb fittings and high set wooden grip.;;new price was over $400.00
1-2006 Sabastian Flute "Super Hightech Carbon" limbs, 38#,70".;; when bought they were new-$265.00
1-Cartel "Activa" Olympic sight with pin optics.;;New $125.00
1-Beiter 0.25 Clicker;;New $ 15.00
1- 30" Cartel Carbon Stabilizer;; New $40.00
2- 10" Cartel Carbon Stabiliers;; New $30.00 each
1-Cartel Deluxe "V" bar with 3" extention;;New $45.00
1-Golden Key flipper arrow rest;;New $40.00
1-Cavalier Master-loc plunger;;New $23.00
All the past items are already on the bow..everything else is extra parts.
1-New never used Cavalier "Elite" finger tab w/ cordovan/ Medium;;New$30.00
1-New never used Neet chest protector in Black,,large;; New $15.00
1-extra Cartel Triple cushion plinger;; New $22.00
7- A.C.E. 670 shafts complete with spinwings,nocks and 60-80 grain break off points..not broken or shortened. New by the dozen MTO $ 290.00 so about half that price..$195.00
1-Cartel lightweight folding"Olympian" bowstand;;New $30.00
1-Vista 4-tube/1 pocket quiver with;; New $30.00
1-I also have an older two level bow case I will throw in for free,,it is in wotking order and has made seveal trips to and from Europe in the past..could use a little TLC/repairs...but hey its free in this deal.
top is for the limbs/bow/arrows and smaller items..bottom is for the stand/quiver and such items.
New price for this complete setup would set you back well over $1200.00 according to receipts adn Lancaster Archery website.Remember the bow case is"FREE". I am letting it go for a steal i think,since it is "used"..
I would like $700.00 for everything..I will only part it out if I get no responses for the complete setup..will send pictures to email addresses for now..


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price reduction

ok folks, you can't buy this set-up at this price anywhere,,plus theres the free bowcase and free shipping.. will reduce price to $650.00 for complete setup.
for single items..please make offers.

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Man I would love to buy this ! Let me think about it ! :)
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