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COMPLETE SET in SoCal (RH Nexus, W&W Limbs, Shibuya sights, SKB Case, Beman Arrows)

I was packing up to move and had a revelation: I'm probably not going to be shooting my bow again anytime soon (would prefer not to discuss). Hope this can help someone else's Olympic dream come true :)

I can't ship it (moving soon) so I'm selling it all (cash) at my Yard Sale on 2/1. Sorry, but you'll have to come to the yard sale by 11am PST. I'd feel better knowing the buyer gets to see and touch what they're getting. The Yard Sale will be in Lakewood, CA; major cross streets are Palo Verde Ave and Del Amo Blvd (look for Yard Sale signs).

Over $2,000 worth of equipment:
• Riser – 25” Hoyt Nexus
• Limbs – 40 lb Draw W&W Focus (68” length w/ above riser)
• Sight – Shibuya Carbon Extreme w/ Beiter Aperture
• Case – SKB Double Recurve
• Stabilizer – 27” Doinker w/ wts.
• V-Bars – 10” w/ wts.
• Arrows – 1 doz. 27” Beman ICS600 Carbon
• Arrow Rest – Cavalier Magnetic
• Bow Stand – Silver Shibuya
• Quiver – Methods USA
• Clicker – (1) Beiter and (1) Cavalier Magnetic
• Misc. Accessories (limb gauges, nock pliers, finger tab, chest guard, (2) arm guards, (2) bow stringers, spool of Dynaflight 97, string wax, slick stick, arrow puller, Beiter Plunger (thread needs to be fixed/replaced)


I can't seem to post more pictures here (brand new member, I guess). You can see the pictures and other yard sale stuff on craigslist. Los Angeles Craigslist Ad ID: 4304348233

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I already asked the seller about selling me the riser 10 minutes in,said no deal he's selling it only at his location,too bad that nexus riser is hard to come by
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