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There was a time when Clint Freeman in Australia was using a fall away rest (Benardini?) with his X10s but I understand that he moved away from drop aways and is using a spring steel launcher now(??).

I don't know what other compound archers are doing but I have noticed with the X 10 arrow in particular, that because of the very small diameter of the rear end of the shaft, there is very little room between fletchings (and I use tiny fletchings), certainly nowehere near enough to obtain vane clearance over spring steel launcher arm.

I noticed just yesterday how sensitive the arrow can be to minor misalignments in the nock position and how much lateral movement can occur at 90 metres in particular, if there is any sort of one sided vane contact. It seems to me that if both vanes contact the launcher equally, no great harm is done.

This is one of the reasons why I was drawn to drop aways for X10s in the first place but went back to the spring blade when other problems with the drop away arose.

So would someone be able to tell me what the latest thinking on this matter is please? In particular whether the drop away IS the preferred option or, if the spring blade, then how are issues of vane contact resolved?

I'm having a pretty frustrating time wrestling with this problem at the moment so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, I'd like to know people's views about using Spin Wings or Kurly Vanes on X10s and whether there are even more problems with vane contract with these particular vanes.

Many thanks in advance for assitance.
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