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Confused on which arrow selections!

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Kinda late to post this thread since I plan on purchasing some newer arrows maybe tomorrow or soon afterwards but I'll try to ask anyways. As posted below, I shoot a Hoyt AM 32 at 70#. I had been shooting Easton ST Excel 340 but they were splitting behind the insert. Talked to original place or purchase and they wouldn't replace the arrows - long story. I am considering the Easton Axis or the FMJ due to reviews on this site only. A third possiblity would be Goldtips but as a possibility only. What is the main differences between them in relation to strength (Kinetic energy) and which would fly flatter trajectory and still pack a punch when deer hunting? I plan on 100 grains for my tips for weight. If the manufacturer's recommendion is a size 340 (since I shoot 70# & a 29" dl), would it be better at 340 or 400 or 300 for the total package? I don't want to spend several hundred dollars this summer "trying" arrows out unlike slugs at a gun range if you know what I mean.

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Assuming 28-29 inch arrow, go with the 300 spine. In fact, unless your arrows are 26" or less, the 340 is not stiff enough.
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