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Congrats - Midwest Sec Champion

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Jeff Rollings (Pinboy on here) won AMFS in the Midwest Sectionals at Blue Springs MO over the weekend.
Jeff is an acomplished ASA Open "A" shooter and I helped convince him to come to the outdoor sectionals. Jeff had only shot one field round previously that I'm aware of.

Next time I take him somewhere I'll have to "tune up" his bow when he's not looking...... lol:)

Anyway, great showing for Jeff.

As for myself, I had a horrible hunter round on Saturday, but picked up 7 extra points on the animal round. Tried to catch everyone Sunday and shot a much better field face but had too big a gap from the previous day.

It was a great weekend as far as weather and the senior pro division had some surprise turnouts.

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Brad, I dont know when or where the full run down will be available other than when it comes out in the NFAA mag.

Tell it all!

Sean he wanted to know what "YOUR" scores were!:p And so does the rest of us! Ken;)
Jeff shot 546h-288a-545f= 1st place (pretty sure about his h score)
I shot 535h-287a-545f= 5th place

I really like the aditional points available on the new animal round. It was nice to regain a few points after my worst ever hunter round. We did things a little different than normal in that we shot the hunter round on sat and the field round on sun.
Gonna break a 550 one of these days if its the last thing I do!
Still one in "Old Blue"!

Sean I'll see if there's one left in "Old Blue" this weekend if it don't Rain Mathews and Hoyts!:p Ken
Thank you

Thanks Sean.

I had a great time this weekend and met some great people too. I may have to try this field stuff again.;)

You were close on my scores: Hunter 542, Animal 288, Field 545 for a 1375. There was an awesome score from a Senior Pro of 1391, Ed Horn, I think.

Jeff Rollings
No problem Jeff, you earned a little recognition as far as I'm concerned.

I got to shoot with Ed Christman (Target1) both days, so that was cool to have someone in my group that I knew already. Ed is a great guy.

Frank Pearson and Jerry Carter being there were what surprised me although I didnt get a chance to pick Franks brain any, maybe next time.

Great shooting


Great shooting this past weekend. You and Sean are going to have to try and make the Missouri State FHA in Aug. It's usually another great time.

Sean for sure on tuning Jeff's bow let me know if you need help setting it up properly. See you in Aug. ED

Target 1
Congradulations to all

Just wanted to say ole x's 4 me won up there shooting in 540's at age 66. Dean Prigdons still got it. Great shooter and ambassador to archery.
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