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Congrats Miles

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Can't find the thread now, but last fall, I posted a thread here about a young man that shoots his recurve at COS and how he managed to sit us all down one night. :mg:

Well, young Miles carried his new recurve to KY this past weekend and came home with a 4th place finish in the YMFSLR/L division. To the best of my knowledge, this was/is his first national competition.

Way to go Miles, but now we know who was sandbagging when shooting their handicap qualifiers for our little tournament. :wink:
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ensuring the growth of archery in the Eastern Kingdom has necessitated my nose to the grind stone.......good things will come:)

Sarge....YOU suck:darkbeer:
I know you've been busy with the Hilton East, but you could at least come out and visit. :shade:
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