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Congratulations to JOAD's and Masters

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Everyone is quick to congratulate the Pro Male and Female archers but I thought it would be nice to point out the accomplishments of the up and coming stars as wells as those archers that were at the top to the game just a few years ago but still whoop-up on their peers.

These kids and seniors practice hard and deserve equal recognition IMHO.

Everyone join in and post your favorites too.

Here is my list I had special interest in and was watching----

Aprilyn Witt from Wickenburg, Arizona is the 2003 NAA Outdoor Junior Female Compound Champion- her scores would place her 11th over-all against the Pro Females.
Prior to this tournament in June 27-29, 2003 Denver, Colorado Aprilyn had to endure the downfalls of a broken sight and suffered a miss after the repair but she still finished a very respectable 4th place for the FITA. All she needed was an 8 or better to take 1st place Undaunted, Aprilyn took on the Olympic Round and won Gold in the Jr. US Open and qualified for the Jr. USArchery team.

Ellis Gibson- Place 1st in the Senior Pro Male Freestyle 2003 NFAA for the 5th consecutive year

Roger Wheaton- Was the 2003 NFAA SW Field Sectional Champion and place 3rd in the Senior Male Freestyle 2003 NFAA Outdoor Championships.

And here is some results for a few notable Arizonan’s that come to mind;
Lindsay Pian is the 2003 NAA Outdoor Cadet Female Recurve Champion
Jessica Grant- 2nd in the 2003 NAA Outdoor Sr. Female Compound
Brady Ellison- 6th in the 2003 NAA Outdoor Cadet Male Compound
Brandon Hunt- 8th in the 2003 NAA Outdoor Jr. Male Compound
Stewart Bowman and Frank Pearson took 3rd and 4th respectably in the 2003 NAA Outdoor Master 50+ Male Compound
And last but not least—one of my favorite local pro's Warren Dean—he shot and placed somewhere

These people are a joy to shoot with, congratulations to all and I can wait to start shooting with you again;