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Or, do you think there is something better? These bows seem to change little from year to year, is this due to perfection? I mean, how much better can they get? And no, this is in no way a sarcastic thread.

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Looking at results of tournaments over the past 5 years, I would have to agree that Hoyt Pro Elite and Ultra Elite bows are clearly the best target bows made.

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ArcheryMachine said:
Probably the best ever produced...............Right behind Mathews :mg:

: Hoyt shooters dominate USAT - Aug 16, 06
» Dave Cousins Achieves NFAA and NAA Shooter of the Year - Aug 04, 06
» Hoyt's Van Natta eclipses FITA World Record - Aug 02, 06
» Team Hoyt Sweeps NFAA Outdoor Nationals - Aug 01, 06
» Dan McCarthy Named 2006 IBO Shooter of the Year - Aug 01, 06
» Alicia McHenry Crowned 2006 IBO National Champion - Jul 17, 06
» Hoyt's Petersson takes first in European Circuit - Jul 12, 06
» World Records fall to Team Hoyt - Jun 26, 06
» Team Hoyt continues to dominate FITA World Cup - Jun 25, 06
» Team Hoyt shooters to represent USA in Sweden - Jun 15, 06

» Hoyt Compound Shooters Conquer European Grand Prix - Jul 15, 05
» Hoyt Dominates Nimes 2006 European Tournament - Feb 02, 06
» Hoyt Shooters Dominate NAA Indoor Nationals - Mar 16, 05
» McCarthy and McHenry Conquer Harrisburg ASA - Jun 06, 05
» Hoyt Shooters Rise to Montreal Challenge - Mar 30, 06
» Hoyt Outperforms at NAA Nationals, McGlyn Honored - Aug 11, 04
» Team Hoyt: Total Domination at Face to Face Tournament in Netherlands - Nov 28, 05
» Hoyt Shooters Shine in Gold Cup! - Aug 03, 04
» Hoyt Shooters Sweep US Indoor Nationals - Mar 15, 06
» Team Hoyt Sweeps Arizona Cup - Apr 18, 05
» Gellenthien, Grant Crowned Collegiate Archery’s Best - May 23, 05
» Hoyt Shooters Breeze Through Texas Shootout - May 01, 06
» Team Hoyt Victorious at World Field Championships - Aug 11, 04
» Cousins and Van Natta Prevail at National Fields - Jun 16, 05
» Team Hoyt Recurve Men Strike Gold in Italy! - Jun 28, 04
» Cousins and Van Natta Crowned National Champs - Aug 05, 05
» Hoyt’s Broadwater and Cousins Triumph Over Lancaster Shoot - Jan 27, 05
» Hoyt’s Reo Wilde Grabs Idaho Open Title - Dec 15, 05
» Team Hoyt Dominates 2004 NAA Indoor Nationals! - Jun 14, 04
» Archer's Choice Receives Coveted Golden Moose Award! - Mar 01, 06
» Hoyt’s Gellenthien and Zorn Strike Gold at Texas Shootout - Apr 04, 05
» Hoyt Shooters Triumph at European Championships - Mar 21, 06
» Hoyt Sweeps 2nd Leg of IBO; Braden Wins Again! - Aug 11, 04
» Team Hoyt Saturates Standings in Pittsburgh - Apr 25, 06
» Team Hoyt Earns Three Gold Medals at First European Grand Prix - May 09, 05
» Hoyt shooters dominate World Cup phase 2 - Jun 13, 06
» Team Hoyt Dominates NFAA Redding Tournament - May 11, 06
» Hoyt’s Hendrix Shines Again at ESPN Games - Aug 11, 04
» Victory Flows for Team Hoyt at Gold Cup - May 31, 05
» Michael Braden Claims 1st Leg of IBO Triple Crown - Aug 11, 04
» Team Hoyt Medals Six Times at 2nd European Grand Prix - Jun 06, 05
» Cousins, Broadwater Team Up at Nationals - Aug 11, 04
» McCarthy and Blanton Blaze Through Metropolis ASA - Jun 27, 05
» Hoyt's Michael Braden Wins Louisiana ASA!! - Jul 14, 04
» Outdoor Nationals Brings Another Victory for Hoyt’s Dave Cousins - Jul 29, 05
» Allen Conner Triumphs at ASA World Championships - Oct 31, 04
» McCarthy Dominates ASA World Championship; Runs Away with Shooter of the Year Honors - Aug 15, 05
» Hoyt’s Natalia Valeeva Breaks Own World Record - Jun 14, 04
» Hoyt’s New Trykon: The Ultimate Bowhunting Machine - Nov 28, 05
» Hoyt’s McCarthy and McHenry Prevail at Kinder ASA - Mar 07, 05
» Jeff Fabry Selected as 2005 USA Archery Athlete of the Year/Paralympian of the Year - Jan 31, 06
» Hoyt’s Dan McCarthy Wins First ASA of 2004! - Jul 14, 04
» Hoyt’s Jesse Broadwater Wins Vegas! - Feb 13, 06
» Hoyt Shooters Shatter Two More World Records at World Indoor Championships - Mar 29, 05
» Hoyt’s Braden Gellenthien Makes Collegiate Archery History - Mar 06, 06
» Hoyt Shooters Successful in NAA Field Nationals and World Field Trials - Aug 11, 04
» Total Hoyt Domination at NFAA Indoor Nationals - Mar 20, 06
» Hoyt’s Broadwater Wins Pittsburgh with Nerves of Steel - Apr 18, 05
» McCarthy Two-for-Two on Southern Triple Crowns - Mar 30, 06
» Hoyt Shooters Finish 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Atlantic City! - Aug 11, 04
» Team Hoyt Shines at Augusta ASA - Apr 03, 06
» Hoyt's Oak Ridge Boys Capture 1st, 2nd at Tennessee ASA - May 02, 05
» McCarthy Sweeps Southern Triple Crown Series - Apr 25, 06
» Hoyt’s McCarthy Claims Third ASA Title in Metropolis - Jul 14, 04
» All-Academic Winners Choose Hoyt - May 03, 06
» Cousins Sets World Record at World Team Trials - May 12, 05
» Hoyt's Petra Ericsson Outshines All in Field - May 31, 06
» UltraElite: 1400+ Out of the Box - May 30, 06
» Hobbs Shines at West Coast Triple Crown - May 19, 05
» Hoyt Shooters Shine in First Prestigious Tournament of 2004 - Jun 11, 04
» Hoyt Shooters Re-Write Record Books in Vegas! - Jun 28, 04
» Hoyt's McCarthy and Duncan Crowned King and Queen of Virginia ASA! - Aug 11, 04
» Team Hoyt Takes 1, 2 and 3 in IBO Triple Crown Standings; Dominates Team Event - Aug 11, 04
» Hoyt Archers Saturate U.S. World Teams - May 16, 05
» Hoyt's Hendrix Conquers ESPN2 Competition - May 30, 06

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here is the first 5 out of 14 pages

July 10, 2006 Christenberry, Owens and Zannetakis Win 3rd Leg of IBO National Triple Crown

July 10, 2006 Mathews Shooters are ALL GOLDEN at European Grand Prix.

July 10, 2006 Mathews Sweeps IFAA World Field

July 10, 2006 Mathews Wins Warwickshire Champs.

July 6, 2006 Schendel Finishes Strong at Champions Invitational 100

July 6, 2006 Team Mathews Finishes on top in El Salvador

July 3, 2006 Mathews Wins Big At Metropolis ASA

June 23, 2006 Damsbo Scores a 1400

June 20, 2006 Mathews Shooters Sweep Danish Double 70 fita round.

June 19, 2006 Team Mathews Sweeps Top Spots At 2nd Leg of IBO Triple Crown

June 13, 2006 Dudley and Wunderle selected to represent USA

June 13, 2006 Watch Mathews/Iron Eagle Car on the Speed Channel Saturday

June 12, 2006 Neil Dowsett wins LCAA Championship

June 5, 2006 Chris Parkin wins YAA Championships

June 5, 2006 Chris White Wins UK Masters.

September 15, 2006 Damsbo Scores 1411 at Danish Nationals

September 5, 2006 Morgan Lundin Wins World Field Championship

August 24, 2006 Christenberry Goza and Null Named ASA Shooters of the Year

August 24, 2006 Levi Morgan and Chris Stachler Named ASA Rookies of the Year

August 23, 2006 Stephane Dardenne Wins Ticket to European FITA Championship

August 16, 2006 Dominique Genet Wins French National Championship

August 15, 2006 Kevin Marbacher Qualifies for World Championships

August 14, 2006 Christenberry Lane and Renner Win ASA World Championships

August 11, 2006 Morehead Hall and Rigney Named IBO Shooters of the Year

August 10, 2006 Carol Morris-Lewis Sets European Record with Mathews bow

August 10, 2006 Chris White Breaks Own World Record

August 7, 2006 Gillingham Goza and Crowe Win IBO World Championships

July 24, 2006 Gillingham, Owen, Huffman and Crowe Sweep NFAA Unmarked 3D Championships

July 11, 2006 Christenberry, Goza and Thibault Named IBO National Champions

July 10, 2006 Chris Bell Wins 27th Isle o

June 5, 2006 Hopkins, Foreman, Freeland and Huffman Sweep Pro Titles at ASA, VA

June 5, 2006 Polish and Wunderle Medal at Gold Cup

June 5, 2006 Schendel Has Strong Showing in Colorado

May 25, 2006 Brayford Receives ABA Award

May 25, 2006 Brayford Wins Canada Cup

May 25, 2006 Morehead, Huffman and Jones Win 1st Leg of IBO National Triple Crown

May 22, 2006 Jedd Greshock Wins Collegiate National Championship

May 16, 2006 Mathews carries on winning ways at UK field shoots.

May 12, 2006 Lindbald Wins Gold

May 10, 2006 Rodney Huffman Wins NFAA Marked 3D Championships

May 8, 2006 Simon Froggatt Wins NCAS FITA Star at Timperley

May 8, 2006 Strong Showing for Team Mathews at Danish FITA

May 2, 2006 Jedd Greshock Wins Title at East Regional Championships

May 2, 2006 Mathews shooters continue to dominate UK archery tournaments

May 1, 2006 Christenberry, Crowe and Goza Win ASA TN Championships

April 24, 2006 Boylan and Wunderle Win WAF Titles

April 24, 2006 Gillingham Wins WAF Marked 3D Championship

April 21, 2006 Team Mathews Has Strong Showing at the Mexican Grand Prix

April 19, 2006 Wunderle and Ellison Win Gold Medals at Mexican Grand Prix

April 18, 2006 Another 1, 2, 3, for Mathews at Dearne Valley

April 11, 2006 Greshock and Wunderle Win AZ Cup Championships

April 6, 2006 Mathews Shooters take 1st, 2nd and 3rd at Pentref.

April 3, 2006 Huffman, Crowe and Ward Win ASA GA Titles

March 21, 2006 Chris White and John Dudley Win British National Indoor Titles

March 20, 2006 Jamie Jennings Wins NFAA Indoor Nationals Title

March 20, 2006 Mathews wins Gold and Silver at European Championships

March 15, 2006 Mathews Inc. Donates Additional $250,000.00 to NASP

March 15, 2006 Price and Colin Win NAA National Indoor Championships

March 10, 2006 Mathews Shooters Win Gold & Silver at the Arnold Classic

March 10, 2006 Team Mathews Wins Danish Indoor Championship

March 7, 2006 Mathews Shooters Turn in Great Performance at French Indoor Nationals

March 6, 2006 Christenberry, Stachler and Null Win ASA GA Titles

March 5, 2006 Mathews shooters win Gold and Silver at the Croatian Nationals.

February 27, 2006 Irina Markovic claims Dutch National Indoor titel Women Compound

February 13, 2006 Baize, Boylan and Wunderle Win Vegas Titles

February 6, 2006 Gillingham, Morehead, Jones and Owens Win ASA Florida Titles

January 30, 2006 Pagel and Helland Win MN Star FITA, Pagel Sets World Record

January 25, 2006 Schednel has Good Start to Race Season

January 24, 2006 Pending Italian Record

January 23, 2006 Gillingham and Ward Win Lancaster Archery Tournament

January 23, 2006 Irish Indoor Open & Team Championships 2006

January 16, 2006 Besanceney and Boylan Win Iowa Pro/Am

December 5, 2005 Forrest Carter Wins Utah Open

December 5, 2005 Mathews Shooters Finish Strong at Face 2 Face

November 23, 2005 New Justin Charles Website

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PSE® 3

*Based on FITA, NFAA, ASA & IBO tournament circuits.

Imagine that, when it comes right down to it, the proof is in the numbers. And the numbers show that anytime it comes down to the wire with the top pro men in the world, Hoyt wins more than all other bow companies combined.

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I've owned Hoyt and I've owned Mathews--- both are good bows. Here's the rest of my thoughts---------

The Brand Name Cult:

The archery industry is often plagued by a "better than your bow" mentality - as brand loyalty seems to often get out of hand. Some bow manufacturers even seem to develop a cult-like following of shooters - who'll openly malign any other brand of bows (just visit an online archery forum). This is unfortunate for beginning archers since you are bound to receive one-sided advice which may or may not lead you to a good bow purchasing decision. So beware of any advice declaring one type or brand of bow to be "the best". Imagine being told that a Subaru, for example, is "the best" kind of car - and that every other brand was totally inferior. Ridiculous right? The Subaru is certainly a fine automobile, but it's not appropriate or practical for everyone. There are many other high quality brands and models you could choose from. The same is true for compound bows. The Point: There is no "best" brand or "best" type of compound bow, so don't barricade yourself in too deeply on any particular bow manufacturer's ranch. The bow that is best for you is the bow that best fits your purpose, your size and strength, your shooting style, your skill level, and your budget. Whether that particular choice is popular or not should be irrelevant.

Statistical Deception in Advertising:

If the Nike shoe company paid the world’s 50 fastest sprinters to wear only Nike brand shoes during competitions, it would be no surprise that most of the big races would be won by athletes in Nike shoes. Would it be fair then to conclude that Nike shoes make runners go faster? Of course not! But the company could make it seem that way if they advertised the race statistics without mentioning the paid endorsements. Sadly, some archery manufacturers use this same little trick to entice buyers, and it usually works. Beware of advertising campaigns that lead you to believe their brand of bows are more accurate, and tempt you with "stacked" statistics on how many tournaments their bows win. The Point: Bows don’t win tournaments any more than shoes win races. The most talented runners win races and the most talented shooters win archery tournaments. Many factors are involved in accurate shooting (proper fit, careful tuning, good technique, etc.). A good high-quality bow is just one part of the equation.

I perfer Martin!:mg: :D :darkbeer:

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From 2003 to 2005, Hoyt has won 49 tournaments versus 29 wins for all other manufacturers combined. That is quite an achievement. I think the numbers speak for themselves.

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Its what is best for the shooter....

This could go on for days like this.
Ask a Mathews shooter what the best, of course its the bow company he shoots for, ask a Hoyt guy the same question ge tthe same type of response.
Ask a shooter that shoots both within 5 min. of each other it is whatever fits them the best.

Its just like Ford and Chevy. Hoyt and Mathews. Nike and Reebok.

Yes in these words, the Elite series are the best bows Hoyt has ever made. Just like the Apex is the best bow Mathews has ever made. Can you compare the two? Not really.:eek:

Smilin' Bob
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To think that they're the best ever would cost the jobs of a couple bow designers in SLC, who along with bow designers across the country are coming up with even better ideas at this very moment.:)

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Bobmuley said:
To think that they're the best ever would cost the jobs of a couple bow designers in SLC, who along with bow designers across the country are coming up with even better ideas at this very moment.:)

:thumb: Currently, I can't find a system that is better balanced than Martins Nitrous X. Zero Torque. I just like it and like it alot.:mg: :teeth: :darkbeer:

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It is no secret that Hoyt has always made fine target bows , and I've shot alot of them over the years and you ill probaby see more Hoyts than anything else at most target tournaments (at least around here).
Right now I shoot an Apex which is a fine target bow also (for me) , is it better ? no , but it is a bow that shoots well (for me) at this time , next one might be a Hoyt if it feels right.
Actualy this is is silly thread that seems to be started for the sole purpose of creating problems

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ya , u cant compare Mathews 3D wins by sweetening the pot more than any other manufacturer which lures top pro am 3D shooters to Hoyts long target domination dynasty.

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Could the Hoyt Elite series be the best target bows ever produced???
Sure...why not?

The Toyota Camry is the best car ever made....

Honda Superhawk VTR 1000 is the best motorcycle ever made...

The Yamaha Raptor 660 is the best ATV ever made....

Poltergeist is the best movie ever made....

Beretta 92 .40 cal is the best handgun ever made....

Fat Moe's has the best burgers ever made....

I can go on forever.......

Remember.. Archery is fun
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1cbr_guy said:

Sure...why not?

The Toyota Camry is the best car ever made....

Honda Superhawk VTR 1000 is the best motorcycle ever made...

The Yamaha Raptor 660 is the best ATV ever made....

Poltergeist is the best movie ever made....

Beretta 92 .40 cal is the best handgun ever made....

Fat Moe's has the best burgers ever made....

I can go on forever.......

Ya had me till I got to Poltergeist. :confused3:

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You had me listening until you go to the Beretta, then I knew you were joking.

With today's competition, not archery competition but manufacturer competition, and technological advances in the manufacturing process, I would bet that any top Hoyt shooter that switched to anyother top end bow would shoot almost as good, if not just as good.

to each his own, there are probably plenty of guys on here that can shoot their kids plastic recurves better than I can shoot a hooter shooter.

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Ill put it this way

I have stated this many times.

Mathews Apex series and the Pro elite series by Hoyt are both the best bows at there on the market today. I would be happy shooting both.

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There is a bunch of good bows out there anymore , matter of fact it would be hard to buy a bad one ( other than the occasional lemon that you can get from any mfg ) ..... the best target bow ???? :) the one that performs best for you :darkbeer:
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