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Couple bucks I passed on the other day!!!!

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here are a couple good deer that i passed on during my first night in the iowa woods...i'm excited about seeing these 2 deer, and am really looking forward to what's yet to come!!:thumb:

i had them both at 8 yards for about an hour.:eek:

these were our most recent trail cam photos of them.


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Yeah, I can see why you passed them up, they're a little skimpy looking...........:wink:

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8 yards for an hour? I can definitely say I would not have been able to hold off shooting one of those.
lol i know what you mean. it was about all i could do to not grab my bow. so instead of grabbing my bow, i took out my cell phone and snapped a few pics of them :darkbeer:

i just could't tag out yet...i gotta witness the iowa rut still :wink:
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