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Emerald Isle Beach is a family oriented barrier island beach near Jacksonville, NC (Camp Lejeune)

Friday about 3:00, I was on Emerald Beach talking with my wife Kimberly, my 3 kids and my mother when out of the dunes shoots out a coyote at full speed running up the actual beach less than 50 yards from us (it was low tide). He ran within 20 feet of 3 guys building a walkway. He sprints about 200 yards and then cuts a hard left into the dunes, in between houses that are in my parents subdivision.

We were blown away. My wife immediately took my 4 year old daughter inside. Those of us remaining went up to see the tracks, thinking he was totally out of his range and this was a freak occurrence. Surprisingly, his tracks we just saw him lay were parallel to another set of tracks just like it. Also, there were tracks just like his up and down the beach that connected the trash cans on the beach. Now even more curious, I walked up to the place where he cut in and there were coyote tracks all in the dunes in between the ocean front houses and the actual beach. This was no freak occurrence. Theses coyotes live her. Mom said earlier in the week that a lady that lives there said that many feral cats that they feed are missing.

The plumber at my parent’s house said they know people on Emerald Isle that are missing dogs and have heard of people seeing them on the island in the past 6 months.

I never imagined seeing coyotes on an island beach while playing with my family. It was crazy!

I had my Hoyt, but it was already packed up since we were about to leave!
If these sightings continue, the Town of Emerald Isle will have to do something for fear of loss of business.
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