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Crash course in getting deer to come to me

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I was always a ground hunter. I had only a couple seasons where I really cared if I got anything when my father was unemployed and meat was in short supply. Mostly, I would have fun and not even care if I got a shot or not, except to justify that I was indeed "hunting." Games like "pet the deer" (try to get as close as you can before you shoot and you lose if the deer runs), "pin the squirrel" (a great game if they were the reason you lost the last), and best of all predator hunting became my true pastimes.

Then there is the fact that I didn't care what deer I got as long as it tasted like a deer. Bucks would often get a pass and I'd inform the friends letting me hunt their land that I saw them. Gave me more hunting rights than I could ever hunt back then.

I joined the military and got stuck in the desert where coyotes were downed with what ever weapon I had handy. I broke an arm and the bow went on the shelf. So the rifle and 1911 killed while a bow collected dust.

Last year I pick up the bow again with two reasons to get back out after deer. One was my daughter who wanted to hunt with a bow and needed an example/ coach. Two was the escalating price of feeding a family of five.
Having always hunted for cheap (I doubt I had $500 in all the years of deer hunting till last year) I knew I could save a ton over time if I was careful with my gear and "tagged out" (something I used to do any season I cared to, but the deer got smarter, and I got dumber) a couple years.

What the heck does this rambling have to do with getting deer to me? Well, I've always went to them. Sit where they will walk, sneak where they are. But the predator hunter in me is wanting to call them out. I just bought some estrus lure, a cheap call, cut the antlers off one of my old skulls (basket 8pt) and I have acquired a decoy (ok it's a target someone gave me that I set up in the woods to practice on, but three friends who hunt have been fooled already- one shot it!!!- so it should work).

So what do I do with these things. I spent years working on how to call a yote in without making a fool of myself, and can't waste the time learning the hard way this time. My daughter wants a buck from me this year. I just want to enjoy the hunt a little more. I'm not so good that I get bored, I suck, but I can sit still and sleep all day so eventually the deer walk by. I want to make them come when I call.

The call is a Primos Hands free adjustable type. The scents are Hunters Specialties Natural does urine and Premium Doe Estrus. Hope to hear some good advice. By the way when is the rut in OH this year? We keep arguing about it around here.
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Ive had my best success using scents + decoy and calls during the rut. I've shot 2 110 class 8 pts, *BIG FOR MICHIGAN STATE LAND!* lol I usually use tinks scent bombs, 3 of them filled with some synthetic rut lure. company up here in michigan HAWGS LTD or buck fever synthetic scents they might go by now. I use the rut lure in 3 bombs around my stand, put a doe decoy in the middle and call with a grunt tube/ can doe bleat and I've had both of them running in with their hair up and noses in the air. Both were taken with a gun though, still buckless with a bow :*(

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How do you decide when and how to use them though? I sent many yotes running calling at the wrong time and am looking to avoid mistakes that others later laughed at me for making.
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