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Crazy Experiences in the woods

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Yesterday morning, my husband and I were hunting a stand next to a creek bed. While he was hanging a stand on the tree where my ladder stand is so we could hunt together, we heard some noise coming from the other side of the creek. It was getting pretty light out because we were late getting in the woods. Anyhow, he was in the tree and I was still on the ground waiting for him to get set up and had both bows on the ground with me. I thought about knocking an arrow when I heard the noise but had just lost a deer a few days back and wasn’t confident from where I was standing that I could make a good shot. As the noise became louder I saw 3 brown blurs getting closer to me… I thought they were fawns as they came charging my direction nearly 15 yards away and luckily decided to go back in the creek bed. As I peaked around the tree to watch them, I heard growling and rustling of leaves… it was actually 3 VERY large coyote. All I could think about was that I had no arrow knocked and my husband’s bow was on the ground still. Luckily they ran back the way they had came from and never even saw me on the ground. When I got in the stand I looked up at my husband and shared that, that was NOT my favorite moment in hunting! I actually almost screamed and my husband couldn’t believe that I didn’t but I figured it really wouldn’t help my case if I shrieked.

So this crazy experience has got me thinking. What is the craziest/scariest thing that’s ever happened to you in the woods?
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Not sure I would have screamed, but likely would have at the very least needed a change of pants after an encounter like that!!!

My first season gun hunting, I was with my ex who was a flat out moron. Sent my 115lb self up into a tree stand about 20ft off the ground ***without a harness*** and had me fire a .30-06 I'd never shot before saying I could "handle it just fine - don't be a wuss." Fired as requested and it ALMOST blew me out of the tree. Just bearly caught myself from flying backward and likely to serious injury or even worse...

I never tree stand hunt without a harness on now and refuse to take a gun up without becoming very well acclimated to it first (I realize that should have been obvious but at the time I'd never hunted before then and trusted what the *ss was telling me not knowing any better).
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While climbing into my stand at 5 a.m. one morning I came face to face with a raccoon who was somewhat comfy on my platform. It hissed and thankfully ran across the platform & down the other side of the tree.
Last month I went with my husband to videotape while he did a spot & stalk hunt out west for muleys. We were on the hilltop glassing and as I was putting my binos down I glanced to my right and low and behold a big ol' white & black spider was on my shoulder. I am terrified of spiders (ok I can handle the little ones but do NOT do well with big ones). I started to scream but caught myself and covered my mouth and in doing do brushed the spider to the ground. I knew if I screamed I would scare the bucks that were below us. I hurried to sit on the other side of my husband as the tears came down my cheeks. Luckily my husband stepped on it and killed it. I asked him if it was as big as I had thought and he replied "yep - it was big". He told me he was pretty proud of me that I didn't scream, but the rest of the week I was quite nervous about what other creatures would find a good "resting spot".
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