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Not sure I would have screamed, but likely would have at the very least needed a change of pants after an encounter like that!!!

My first season gun hunting, I was with my ex who was a flat out moron. Sent my 115lb self up into a tree stand about 20ft off the ground ***without a harness*** and had me fire a .30-06 I'd never shot before saying I could "handle it just fine - don't be a wuss." Fired as requested and it ALMOST blew me out of the tree. Just bearly caught myself from flying backward and likely to serious injury or even worse...

I never tree stand hunt without a harness on now and refuse to take a gun up without becoming very well acclimated to it first (I realize that should have been obvious but at the time I'd never hunted before then and trusted what the *ss was telling me not knowing any better).
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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