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custom finger tab replacement face?

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Ok, so i have a worn out custom finger tab (got it along with some other stuff from one of my dads friends who shot recurve a long time ago [when the yamaha EX was made to give you an idea [yes, i also got the EX bow, case, stabilizer, etc)
back on topic, ive been using the finger tab to shoot at my local range for a while now, and its starting to wear out, its completely custom (seems to fit my hand just right tho) and theres no manufacturer logo or anything like that, so i dont know where to go to get replacement faces, i was wondering if i can buy a sheet of leather or cordovan and cut it out myself

PS: ive compares the screw holes to AAE elites at my local range, i was wondering if the screw holes could possibly be the same

PSS the only thing i could write on was my ipad

PSSS: the bottem part thats covered is 1.5"

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since i cant edit it
i printed out a 1:1 diagram for AAE's elite finger tab sizes, my tab has the EXACT same screw points (or whatever its called)

im still interested in weather or not i can make custom replacements :p
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