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Sept 22 2003

Here is what it looks Like Most of the voting is is over now

Carter Enterprises( releases) 94.75% Positive Rating
MUZZY (Broadheads) 93.75% Positive Rating
PSE Archery 84.81% Positive Rating
Bowtec 75.82 %Positrive Rating
Mathews 40.94% Positive Rating

To Me this is a good INFORMAL POLL......

It about what I expected

Most archery firms give good to excellent Customer Service and Post sales support.

One firm appparently does not.

Thanks for voting

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the martin poll was the highest of the bow company polls
you did Tinks... thanks..and I certainly expected them to
be at the top...I've always said (even before you did these
polls) Martin is the best and PSE is a close second in
customer service from my experience .....looks like most
others agree as that's exactly what your informal polls
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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