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Cutting Carbon Arrows DIY way ( Pictures )

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I am sure most of you don´t have a special saw for cutting arrows....neither do I, and since I live hundreds of miles from the nearest Bowhunting dealer it´is been practically impossible to make the cutting done. Mostly when purchasing new arrows you may ask the vendor to cut them for you for required length but not always (also I use to buy arrows on eBay as I get them cheaper and they are sold full length in general) so I had to look for a way to do the cutting myself, and for this I found a "Miter Saw" as useful as any profesional arrow saw. I realize not everyone owns one but I am sure some of you (or yor family members) do.

I use wood "crosscutting blade" for fine finish (the one with a lot of teeth - more than better), I don´t recommend general purpose blade as it may damage the arrow. It´s very important to apply insulating tape in the cutting spot as shown on the pictures, it will prevent the shaft to splitter. I strongly recommend using protecting glasses.
I´ve been doing it successfully last 5 months (cut about 80 arrows since) without any issue.

Here I leave you some photos so you can see the results:

Tool accessory Tool Circular saw

Miter saw Abrasive saw Mitre saws Saw Circular saw

Yellow Auto part

Cylinder Material property Pipe Heat-shrink tubing Plastic
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