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Cutting Off a Doinker Stabilizer?

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Anybody ever done it? If so, how did you go about doing it?
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Which type of Doinker? I have not done a Doinker but have shortened an Easton ACE, and W&W carbon stab's which are 3/4" single carbon rods with the Easton having an aluminum core. I used an arrow saw to cut approx 1 1/2" from ferrell then used heat and visegrips to remove the short piece from the ferrell. I had to apply a good bit of heat to get the carbon rod to release from the ferrell, that's why it's a good idea to cut it off first or else you risk damaging the carbon. Once I clean up the inside of the ferrell I then use hot glue to re-attach the stab in the ferrell. So far have done four of them and not had any issues.
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