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I just moved to CowboyTown Dallas Texas. And although I am NOT a Dallas Cowboys fan, I AM a target archery fan. However, I have had some trouble finding the target archery community in Dallas. I have checked out a few clubs/shops (specifically Texins Archery Club [TAC] and Outdoor Pro Shops), and these places were awesome, but not exactly what I am looking for.

As I mentioned above, I am really into target archery. Most of the people/places in Dallas are devoted almost exclusively to 3-D and hunting.. For example, when perusing Outdoor Pro Shops (great store, btw :thumbs_up) I found only two bows in target color, a PSE Mojo and one other. They had a nice range, but it was really only 19.5 yards, rather then the standard 20.

Also, there doesnt seem to be much in the way of left-handed equipment in Dallas. I know, I am backwards!!

Anyway, can anyone help me find target archery opportunities in Dallas? Are there any clubs in the area with a target focus? TAC said that they would help me start a 5-spot league, but I am not sure if there is any interest. Would any of you TAC members like to see that? If so, I could organize a league night after hunting season.

Any help or advise from you native Dallas-ites would be appreciated!!!

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Check this sight for 5 spot tournaments. I don't think the schedule is posted quite yet.

There is SYWAT (Shoot Your Way Across Texas) which are 5 spot tournaments all winter starting in November. State championship is in March. I have not seen a schedule yet, but there is one practically every weekend. There are not any shops that start much target equipment in the area (Sucks, but true).

IBA in Irving I know has a field range, but the area is very big on 3D. When spring rolls around 3D is huge. will have the state 3D schedule. We usually have anywhere from 150-250 shooters per tournament which is pretty dang big for a state shoot.

Hope this helps

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Texas archery

Clubs in the area: Cowtown bowmen, Irving bowhunters, Mesquite archery, Collin county bowhunters, and Texans archery club. If you are looking for indoor the SYWAT is the way to go. There is also as mentioned a ASA indoor going on but the shoots are not that close together. As far as shops there is a few in the area: Smithfield archery in Ft Worth, All Star archery with two locations one in Dallas other in Lewisville, Outdoor proshops as you know, Arlington bowhunting world. If you have any questions I may be able to help you with more detail on the clubs and shops just send me a PM. I am local heavy into 3D and know most all shops and clubs in the area.
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