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Damon Howatt Mamba Question

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Hello all,

I'll be the first to say that I do not know much about recurves. I have an opportunity to pick up a Damon Howatt Mamba locally and wanted to ask the experts if this is a fair deal? They are asking $275 for the bow and it's said to be a left hand 55# 58". What did these bows typically sell for new - and what is a fair used price?

Thank you!
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Hope they didn’t store it standing on its tip like that and that was just for the pic ! Value on these old recurves is really hard to say. They are worth what someone is willing to pay. These old Howatt and Martin recurves are great shooting bows. The Mamba, the El Diablo, the Hunter. All performed better than most production recurves of the time, and probably out perform a lot of more recent recurves on the market.
I would pay $275 for one and not feel like I was getting ripped off for sure! I had a heavy draw weight Martin Hunter, 70# at 28”, that I think I paid more than $275 for back in the late 90’s. I shot a lot of hogs with that bow when I was stationed in Georgia!
If you are considering purchasing this as a first foray into traditional archery, it might not be the best option. I normally would not recommend 55# for your first traditional bow, as you can develop some bad habits that are hard to break otherwise. That’s not an across the board rule though. I know plenty of people that started on heavier and shoot lights out today.
All in all, these are good bows. The one main problem with old recurves however, is paying attention to limb twist. Because these things end up with people who are unaware of proper storage and upkeep, old recurves are notorious for having a twisted limb. If so, it’s not worth 275, especially if the twist is bad. With the bow unstrung, look down the belly side of the bow (the side of the bow facing you if you were shooting it). Look down the belly from one tip looking to the other. The flat sections of the limb should be parallel to one another and perpendicular to an imaginary nocked arrow. Examine it from each limb tip making sure both limbs look identical.

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