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Damon Howatt research help

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Hi everyone. I've decided to take up archery again after many, many years. Fortunately I never sold my old bow, but would like to find out more about it. It's a Damon Howatt Hunter and I think was made before Martin took over. I've included an image of the info on the bow and would appreciate any info (like year made) about my bow. Thanks. Skateboard Longboard Skateboarding Equipment Sports equipment Skateboard deck
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Personal knowledge that I've picked up by reading as I can find about Howatts. I own several Howatts from this era and I've always thought they were some of the best looking (and shooting) bows made.

One of Howatt's bowyers named Larry Hatfield posts on other internet sites and has provided dating info on many Howatts. You can google Larry Hatfield and Howatt to find some of his posts.

The serial number and other info shows HHA 9062-62". This does not have "AMO" before the 62" bow length. In 1968 Howatt started putting "AMO" before the bow length. From that you can tell it is pre 1968. If it were after 1968 the serial number would read HHA 9062-AMO 62".

Also, sometime after 1966 or 1967 Howatt started using the first number of the serial number to indicate the year that the bow was made. Prior to this the first number indicated which bowyer made the bow. Yours is a 9 (in 9062) but it couldn't have been made in 1969 or later because it doesn't have the AMO. From this you can tell it was before about 1967. Howatt used several different decals in the 1960s. Your decal differs from those used the early 60s. This narrows it down to about 1963 to 1966.

The Hunters from this time had a riser that was made from three pieces of Brazilian rosewood. Great bows.
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