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Darton Mustang

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Does anyone have any experience shooting a Darton Mustang with fingers. I have an opportunity to buy one (but not shoot it) and it looks good but is only 39in ATA. With a 28" DL I'm wondering if that is long enough. Years ago I shot a Darton Viper and really liked it but that was longer.
The Mustang is a one cam bow which I haven't tried either. Does that make a difference with fingers?

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Darton one cam?

I saw a listing on ebay for a one cam darton Mustang. I went back through 10 years of all my darton model listings and could not find that model. :confused2: Maybe a home built one cam. I would stay away from it like the plague. A standard 2 cam Mustang would be a good choice at 40 1/4 ATA and 65% LO should work fine if your draw is 29 or under. An Excel at 40 5/8 and 65% LO would work as well. If you could find a "A" base Viper I would go that route. I bought a viper recently that came with 2 sets of limbs. I will be getting rid of the 50-60 pounders to reinstall the 60-70 set. :darkbeer:

There is a 500MC on ebay right now that looks like new and a cool looking Laredo with the Viper cams. :tongue:
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