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Darton Paper Tuning Help!!!

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I just set up a Darton Avalanche and am having a very hard time correcting a bad tear. The tear I keep getting is a low tear, the shape of the tear looks like a Trophy Taker Shakey Launcher. The tear I'm talking about is on page 7 of the Easton tuning guide in the top right hand corner. The easton tuning guide says it indicates a high nocking point and I've tried lowering it, but this only puts my arrow at an extreme upward pitch. The only thing it suggests that I didn't try is decreasing the overhang of the arrow from where it makes contact with the rest.
Could my arrow be too long and cause this tear or what?
What else could it be? Is there a trick with Darton Bows?
How long should the overhang be ?
The proshop I'm dealing with doesn't usually work on Dartons...if you have any advice please let me know.

I am shotting a 28 1/2 inch draw length at 65 pounds and I am using carbon express 300's with a 100 grain field point and a release.

Please Help!!!
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CPS Tuning

I've had problems with CPS Cams going out of time after the string and cables sets in. Mostly I've seen nock high tears. Check the brace height and make sure it's even. You will need a bow press to set the the cams to their tuning positions and twist or untwist the cables to get the cables into the timing marks. You can download the instructions for Dartons website. Don't beleive that CPS and Cam.5s don't need to be timed. Have fun and don't pull all your hair out!;)

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Before you make your self crazy, make sure that you set the bow up per Darton's instructions. Make sure that your string and cables are in the index setting (not sure what the new CPS extreme calls for). Once you have the cables twisted up so that they lay within the index marks, THEN adjust for your draw length, but DO NOT go back and change the cable twist. You will probably then be outside of the index marks, but that is by design. It sounds like your problem may be that your tiller and/or nock travel may be dorked up. Check your tiller, index your cams and then try it again. You may also want to powder test as you may have a fletching contact issue which you will never tune out without first elliminating the contact.
I set my Darton Rampage up months ago (last winter!) and have not fooled with it since. Many 3Ds later and it is still shooting straight. Broadheads shot straight with no problems, no adjustments. The thing's making me lazy! I don't have anything to tinker with!
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