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Just wanted to see what all your thoughts were on Darton Archery?? I've been looking at their bows a little bit and just wanted to hear any comments, thoughts, pros and cons. Thanks,

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Tundra - Yeah, Baby!

I got a Darton Tundra this July after owning 2 Mathews, 2 Hoyts, a Newberry, and a few Bowtechs in recent years. I just absolutely love this bow. It is so smooth to draw, shoots very quietly, and is the easiest bow to shoot well that I personally have owned. I recently sold a Rampage that I had gotten as a backup bow, and bought a Patriot Dually because I was curious about how they were. I was impressed by the speed and lack of recoil of the Patriot, but it was like work to shoot it well. The Tundra is so much easier, for me anyway. The performance is really good too. I am only shooting #61 and 29.5" draw. I am getting 265 fps with a 415 gr. ACC for 65ft.# of KE. That is exactly what a friend of mine is getting from a 65#, 29" Patriot single cam. This from a bow that is 40" ATA and has a brace of 7.5" They are supposed to be coming out with a 36" ATA, 7" brace model called the Tempest. It will be interesting to see what it is like. :D
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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