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Darts Anyone?

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For those who have the ESPN channel, have you noticed that they are now televising the game of Darts, with winnings up to a $1 million. Anyway, I became facinated by the game and wondered if there was ever an attempt to adopt the Dart Board game into an archery format with the same scoring system. Two archers start with the score of 501 and whoever gets to zero first wins the game, best of 11 games wins the match. As opposed to shooting for bullseye in FITA archery, the archer in "Archer Dart" will shoot for score and send an arrow(s) to certain areas of the board to achieve the neccesary score to win. Anyway, what do you FITA guys think about this?
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Sounds like tons of fun!

There are a company who offer a regulation BDO style dart board target for archery, but I don't have the links. Paper Targets f

I'm sure any size 'board' could be printed. Print shops catering to architects can easily do single sheet prints up to AO size.

Guess you just print up a clock face that matches the size of your regular FITA targets?
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