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Daughter's first deer!

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Man, that little western recurve at 5# and those suckshun (ok, I'm sick, so I can't spell) did a hell of a job! Real story below....

1015 this am, here my one Shepherd going nuts. Mid "shut---!" I see a doe walking down my drive way. She goes into a oak that is dropping like crazy, and I get my hoyt. I'm in shorts and a tee shirt home not feeling well from work (really, been down and out for 3 days now). I get to within 30 yds and draw. I shoot and she lunges forward right as the arrow released. I hit her further back than I wanted, but still drilled her. It took me until 1327 to get her back to the house. She ran through my neighbor's yard, down her drive way (we are heavily wooded here, and I have permission) hung a right and died not 20' inside the woods along side the road. It is the most difficult tracking job I have ever come upon. I hit her about 3" back of her ribcage and had no blood bigger than my thumbnail the entire way. I spent the better part of 2 hours on my hands and knees looking for blood. The entrance wound was blocked by guts, thus the reason for such a small amount of blood. I got both lungs, the liver and the diaphram (sp). I know she is small, but I have never killed on on my own property and couldn't resist considering I haven't had a deer in range yet this year.


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