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Daughters Turkey

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Not a bow kill but daughter impressed me today so thought I’d brag on her a bit. It was 24 degrees when we setup the blind at 4:30am and after a close encounter this morning she stuck with me to get her 2nd Colorado bird ever this afternoon with a ton of patience. Not too shabby for a 9 year old. This one she did solo, no helping her aim or talking her through it, I just set back and called for her. Then wasn’t hesitant to get her hands dirty helping me clean it. Proud dad for sure today.

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Your picture reminds me of turkey hunting with my daughter. This picture is from 2013. She is now about to be a Senior in High School. They grow up fast enjoy the time. She killed 14 turkeys to date. We did not get to go to Nebraska this year because of the China flu they did not sell tags to out of staters. Hopefully we can get out next year.


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