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Really liking the Day Six HD 350 Spine arrows, they seem to be super consistent in spine and weight. I also believe the Day Six micro diameter shaft .165 has the thickest side walls of any shaft I have seen. They use the new AAE IP4 nocks which I think are excellent. Not an issue at all with 4 fletch plenty of room. Also the centric system comes in 50,100, and 150 grain insert outsert system that is a game changer in small diameter arrows.

I actually shot one into a steel chain, a piece of steel, a concrete block, a tree, and continues to shoot it in chain until it finally bent the aluminum outsert, it would not break the arrow shaft at all.

Super amazing at such a great product.

After shooting so many arrows and trying so many things over the years I believe these arrows are a game changer for a solid straight, accurate, consistent, dependable, durable, tough arrow.

174.00 a dozen bare shafts with insert system and nocks. These shafts are tougher then any small diameter shaft I’ve ever tested to this date.
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