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How many times have you been out in the field and harvested an animal and now you are left with hands that are covered in bacteria, germs and god knows what else? You go over to a pond and wash them off or use your water bottle to rinse your hands. I can tell you right now this is not killing any of the bacteria or germs left behind.
Leave it to DDW to come up with a solution. They have developed and produce a waterless hand sanitizer in a 4 oz. bottle. You say great that is all we need is something that stinks like alcohol while in the field. Well, again leave it to DDW to find a solution to that as well. It is the only hand sanitizer that is odorless in less than 10 seconds.
Well as always I am a skeptical of all these promises and accusations about products. So, I tried it myself and put some on and yes it had a strong odor at first then in less than 10 seconds completely gone! No trace of this being on my hands with no lingering smell or residue. Wow! This would be great in the field and everyday use. The other great thing about this product is that it kills odor from food, gas or smoke.
Field tests included after a day of fishing and cleaning fish I thought to myself this would be a great time to use the hand sanitizer. We all know how long that smell can linger and impress people around you. So, I washed my hands off and dried them and applied the sanitizer. I will say although there was some smell left it was very minimal and way better than trying to use perfume soap and making it worse by smelling like a perfumed fish. You could not smell the fish smell unless you actually put my hand to your nose.
Then while out with the family I stopped and pumped some gas and had gas smell on my hands and again used the hand sanitizer. Yes, I carried it around with me and still do. Now I did find it was tougher breaking the gas smell than any other test I put it through but the key I thought was no one else could smell it on me. I could put my hand up to my face and get a small whiff but not the people I was around.
I have used this quite often just as a regular hand sanitizer and find my hands are not left dried out and smelling like alcohol all the time. In another review I will be discussing DDW’s Odorless Hand & Body Lotion for those of you with dry & flaky skin.
It seems if you have DDW’s hand sanitizer you won’t need to worry about those annoying smells, germs or bacteria you get when you are gutting an animal or just from everyday life. It will kill the odor and not leave a perfume smell behind. So, this product is not just a hunter’s product but a product everyone can benefit from. For more information on DDW’s Waterless Hand Sanitizer go to and tell them sent you.

Article written by: Gary Elliott​
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