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Deadline Approaching

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The deadline for the blog contest is approaching, and since no one has answered my question in the Blog Contest sticky, I figured I would ask it here.

It states is the rules that the entries become the property of AT. So, my question is this -- Can I post a copy of a post I am working on for my personal blog? It doesn't say anything against it in the rules, but I just want to clarify before I post it and get in trouble for a copy being on my own blog.
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PM Sonja on here and she can answer your question.

Sometimes, and more often than not, moderators don't see your posts that require an answer from them and it gets shuffled down the page or onto the next page before they may see it.

Easiest thing on here when you have a question is to PM a moderator instead of starting a thread with a question.

Best of luck to you in the contest.

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