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Dealers, Archers, Reps - Check Out Free Listing Auction Now


Many asked us to create an auction to help them sell items more effectively than the very popular classified section of Archery Talk. Now is the time to sign up and start listing. Manufacturers, dealers, reps and archers will be able to sell items with no listing fee and no buy it now fees.
Check out the auction now. There are already some great buys posted.
You may list your sporting goods items or sell unneeded items you have around the house, garage or basement. Use the extra cash to buy new equipment or get ready for Christmas.
There are sections for all types of items. You can even list your extra books, videos, cameras, collectibles, art or any other items.
The new auction feature should be a fun way to buy and sell for all.
Enjoy the site. Many items will be added in the next 3 days. (be sure to click on the "view all"

Some items to check out -
New 5 knife set (starting bid $2.00)
Bowtech Old Glory (currently at $65.)
Parker UltraLite (currently at $65)

Photo by Greg Nielsen


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sounds like fun, pic looks good too.

stay stronge, shoot straight.


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**Martin girl NOT for sale**

...But, you can sell pretty-much any item that you find on Ebay for a fraction of the price. Items do not have to be archery or hunting related. Go to the closet or the garage and pull out those items you no longer have a use for...who knows what you might get for that old Bowling ball or the bike with the banana seat on it. Garden gnomes might also be a hot item. Heck a guy on Ebay sold "The world's largest french fry" for a couple of hundred bucks:eek:
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