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Howdy! I'm a newbie. Not to archery, just to archerytalk. I just picked up a great old Bear Kodiak magnum, and the serial # is one of the following:


Can any one help me understand what year this was manufactured, or anything else the number tells you? Thanks!

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Unless it is a 64-69 there is no magic decoder. For those years the first digit is the year. After that all bets are off as Bear started fresh every month. Glass color, options, length, coin type, shape and materail all give good hints, but it takes a combination to get it nailed down close. For the 70's there is some ballpark serial number info listed below.

"K's" are 1970 +

My notes show

KM 70-71 Bearcat and7 7/78 K mag

KL 72-77 Black Bear and 70 Victor

KN 70 Alaskan and 70 Tigercat

KR 70-77 Grizzly

GR 78 K Mag

KZ 70-76 Super K

KT 70-76 K Hunter

KH 77 K Hunter and 78 Black Bear Hunter

KU 70-76 K Mag

KS 70-78 Little Bear

KD 73-76 Super Grizz

KE 70 Polar

KX 70-76 Super Mag

KJ 70-72 Tartar

KV 70-77 Victor Patriot

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I also am having trouble finding any information on a
Bear Compound Bow with Serial Number 1604198. I have looked everywhere for any information on this compound bow. If someone could help identify this for me or point me in the right direction that would be great.
Thank you
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