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Deer burger question

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Can I chunk up meat for grinding burger and freeze it until I get alot then unfreeze and grind into burger then freeze again?

Or do I have to grind unfrozen meat?

Not sure about the double freeze thing. Appreciate any info
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It depends

I've done it MANY MANY times with no problem. But it depends on how well the meat was cared for the first time around. If you let the deer hang for several days before you originally butchered it, I'd be carefull. But if you get meat cool quickly originally and then get it frozen or near frozen quickly, its not a problem. In fact, I freeze or near freeze all of my meat before grinding. It grinds much easier if its semi frozen or kind of "hard" when you start. But that's a tip in itself....don't let the meat thaw all the way before you grind. Grind it when its semi frozen and it goes much smoother. Good luck and good eatin'!:wink:
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