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DEER TEAM #9 - Roll Call!!!!

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ZA in the HOUSE!!!!!!

Any suggestions for team names?

Also, where is everyone from and where are you hunting?

I'm from NC and hunt on my family's property.... got alot of does on the trail cam and a few bucks.... one could be a shooter. :thumb:


Hunter Bob
Big Country
logan swenson
Long Boy

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I'm from central FL, do most of my hunting about an hour south of Columbus, GA. I've got several nice bucks from last year I let walk that should be good shooters this year. Season starts Sept. 9th :RockOn: going up this weekend to do some plowing/scouting.
Good luck on the Elk ZA, I'm trying to get my first trip planned out for next year.

I'm heading up to my lease in GA tomorrow to put in a couple more food plots and hang a couple new stands. Our season starts next Saturday (Sept. 9th). I'm always exited when season gets close but it's kind of hard to when the 10day forecast shows a temperature of 91º/67º for opening day :cry: Hopefully I'll have some pics from my trail cams to post when I get back.
Is there anyone on the team that can make a team avitar?
Spent the weekend in GA putting in some food plots and hung a few more stands. Have a couple new sites that look like they're going to be awesome. Everything is ready to go for the opener this Saturday, going to take Monday off for a long weekend. I can't wait!

You guys that have to worry about snakes, be on the lookout. Saw 3 canebrake rattlesnakes this weekend, all of them were full grown.
Leaving for bowseason opener tomorrow. Taking off Monday, hopefully I'll have something to report on Tuesday. Wish me luck!
Deer 1 - Jdub 0 :confused:

Well I spent the last three days in the woods. Saw 2 does, none in range. Between 3 of us I think 4 deer were seen (No bucks). Highs were around 90º, full moon, and food EVERYWHERE kept the movement to a minimum during daylight hours. Things can only pickup from here.
eastkybowhunter said:
My season is on hold for know. I was hit in the eye by a gravel while cutting grass. :brick: It scratched my cornea. I have blurred vision and a lot of pain. And yes its my shooting eye. I have to wear a patch for a few days. Once I heal up its on. A cold front has moved thru and temps are in the 50's for highs. The lows are in the upper 30's.
Had something like that happen one time, felt like I had dirt in my eye for several days, miserable.

I should be heading up to the lease tomorrow afternoon for the weekend, I haven't been able to go since the opener on the 9th. Temps are supposed to be in the upper 40's for lows, which ain't bad for south/central GA. Hopefully it gets things moving. Talked to the guys across the road from us haven't been seeing much, especially bucks, with the 90º temps the last week or two. Hopefully that will change.
Congrats to everyone that's scored. Been seeing deer, but no shooters yet. Rut in our area should start picking up in the coming weeks. Until then I guess I need to pop one of them old does....
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