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DEER TEAM #9 - Roll Call!!!!

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ZA in the HOUSE!!!!!!

Any suggestions for team names?

Also, where is everyone from and where are you hunting?

I'm from NC and hunt on my family's property.... got alot of does on the trail cam and a few bucks.... one could be a shooter. :thumb:


Hunter Bob
Big Country
logan swenson
Long Boy

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Congrats on a fine buck. Just a guess, but I would say around 100".
hey guys i think pretty soon i may enter my 8 point because i will not be bowhunting very hard anymore because i have been in the woods every weekend since sept. 16 and quite a few weekdays overall this season i was able to get a doe that 8 point and shoot a coyote and a chipmunk so overall it was a good season even though i did hit a stick on the big 8 that i shot at and i was unable to get close enough for a shot on the other big bucks i saw and i missed a second coyote but that's huntin i will try to get another buck with the bow but it is not likely so post up those doe pics guys and get us some points
Well my trip to Ohio was a bust. I rushed a shot on a doe and missed. I passed on a 4 pt and that ended up being the only buck I saw while bow hunting. Our archery season is in till mid January so I still have time.
Got I have got two more this week.

Got a nice doe yesterday afternoon.

Shot a knot head (Thought it was a doe/felt kind of bad) on Tuesday afternoon.

That makes 6 total so far this year. My WMA shuts down on Saturday, so unless some magic happens I will have to score the 8 pt from earlier this year.


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I am still alive and kicking. I have been hunting a lot, but very little action. Archery season is open until mid January so hopefully I can get a doe. We could really use the points and I can sure use some meat.
Im still in the game as well on some super deer sign now. Its just a matter of time. I have one small buck that I killed earlier in the year but I know I can get bigger and I still have my doe to get but my season dont close until the 15th of Feb.
OK guys finnaly connected on a doe last night but I cant post a pic cause the file size is too large. Can anybody resize for me and email it back?
Long Boy said:
OK guys finnaly connected on a doe last night but I cant post a pic cause the file size is too large. Can anybody resize for me and email it back?
Yep, send it to .........

[email protected]

And please PM me here to let me know you sent it, so I can resize it and get it back to you right away.

BTW, CONGRATS!!!:darkbeer:
First off thanks to BigCountry for re-sizing the pic. Well we had just started hunting a bowhunting wildlife managment area about 45min from the house. This place is a very hard to get too. We had to drag a pirouge half a mile literally. Then one at a time we would go across the bayou the use a rope to pull it back for the next person till all 4 of us were across. Then we walk another mile to our spots.

Now this place is eat up with deer sign we have only hunted this place 2 times total. In those two hunts we have seen 2 bucks over 120 and two does. Trails look like every deer in the state have walked down them. Now to most places that aint a lot of deer but for Louisiana public land that great.

The wind was really wrong tonight coming out of the NE we really needed something out of the West. Well about 4:50pm I saw the butt of a deer walk by a tree in a gap in the palmetto's about 70yds out downwind of me. I text messaged my buddy a few minutes later and told him he in turned called me to say he got busted but a good buck just a few minutes before.

The woods are hardwood bottoms with thick thick palmetto's. I was talking to him and ol' nanny here come slipping upwind of me. I hung up with him stood up and double lunged her. Shot was about 15yds and she ran another 45 and piled up in sight of me.

We are on good deer that appear to have had little pressure on them. We are not going back unless the wind is right. Oh the reason I look like im high is my 11yo took the pic and I was blinking.


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well i entered my 8 point from earlier he grossed 86 2/8 and netted 83 2/8 i just wish i could have shot the huge 8 point that i hit the stick on earlier well it will give us some points anyway and if you guys can't post your pictures email them to me at [email protected] and i can post them in the scoring thread for you guys
I need to enter my 8-point buck, but I don't have his rack (at the taxidermist). I have a bunch of pictures that I can post up and if you guys can help me with an "approximate" score, that's what I'll use.

Looks like I got skunked this year. Our season closed yesterday. My first dry season in a very long time. Good luck to you guys that are still hunting.

We will have to use my 8 pt. from the earlier post.

I honestly do not know how to score a buck, so lets just throw out a number (lowball it of course to stay fair) and submit it.

I would say 90". He was more tall than wide.

What do you think?


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Go to the B&C web site they have a link that shows you how to score its VERY easy and it automatically adds the score up for you. NIce buck by the way. Im still at it I have a cow horn spike so far with my bow and thats it. Its good for 50pts but I still have until Feb15th so im still chasin big boy. The rut will be kickin off in a few days hopefully Ill get him then the last few weeks of Jan and first week of Feb. Ive managed to get some good bucks during that time hopefully ill pull a rabbit out of the hat again at the last minute.
Thanks for the link.

I just measured it and it was 86". So I was pretty close. He had almost 6" of deductions.

I will post the score.
I pm'ed all the others who havent posted a kil yet to find out what thier status is. We need more deer.
My season ended on the 11th, I got a pass thru on a nice doe but wasn't able to find her. Had several other close opertunities but just before I could get the shot something would screw up the plan.
Sorry for not checking in sooner guys. Bottom line is.......I get a few more days in Ohio to try and score this year.

The good news is....I have enough unfilled tags to feed the WHOLE team tag soup!:eek:
I will enter the doe i took ealrier in the may be a day or so before i have time. no buck here. the bucks seemed to be lossing their antlers ealry this year so when i had an oppurtunity at a decnt 8 in muzzleoader season i took him.

Sorry guys have not posted anything. Because I have not got a deer. I saw more deer this year than ever before. But not a one for me. Saw 50 deer in two days and had a deflection that cost me a big doe. Had 10 crossing a river . Only to see them turn around and go back. Not sure if they made my friend or water was to deep or fast for them. Well all in all I learned alot and saw alot. Next year I hope will be more productive. Congrads to all who scored and I share your pain if you did not. But thats hunting otherwise it would be called shopping. Bad day in the woods is still better than a good day at work. :darkbeer:
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