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Deerman's 08 and 09 awards

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I want to make a public apology. I have held out to long on replacing the 08 awards for World. However, I did finally find what I was looking for which was a quality company at an affordable price. All of these awards are ordered. The company will give me an ETA as soon as they officially process the order this should take a few days they say. I will post that ETA here as well as on ArcheryTalk. I do know however it will not be the later part of May. So, I am simply going to beg for your forgiveness on this. I am taking the measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again. I truly do understand each of you being frustrated. I will make things right, if you all can just trust me one more time for a little while longer. I can do nothing more, to spend this up at this time but, you all will get your awards. If, you know anyone claiming they have not received a buckle even from years past please have them contact me and I will order them a new one as well.

I have also ordered this years Buckles, for Both State Events, World, and Grand Slam.