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Desert Stryker Rope Cocker

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Again, in order to cut my telephone and PM time (Archery season is 2 week away :) I'm posting a couple photos of the "Moon" rope cocker configuration. I think you will have to order the complete DS rope cocking device from Bowtech to get the 2 large screw-in posts that are needed to use a conventional and much lighter weight rope cocker. Check with Wyvern on availability. I fabricated the metal plate that you see across the top of the butt stock to prevent damaging the camo finish plus this plate allows me to uncock the crossbow without shooting it ( I don't want to get into that now:) You can use any brand of conventional rope cocker with the right length rope. I prefer the Excal version.
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Actually you can get the studs themselves, but you have to have a dealer willing to actually order them....:)

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